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THE ENRICHMENT COMPANYis dedicated to providing students with outstanding enrichment programming by our trained instructors that expand learning opportunities in a fun, engaging, safe and familiar school-friendly environment.

Originally founded in 1999 as Culturekids™, the company launched with it’s Spanish For Preschoolers curriculum in the Western New York area.  Word-of-mouth spread quickly as parents and schools began requesting the program for their preschoolers. Students at an early age are able to absorb rather than translate a foreign language.  This was evident to parents and schools and the Culturekids™ curriculum offered a unique, fun and interactive program for  3 – 5 year olds to learn Spanish.

As parents requested additional programming and at-home reinforcement materials, the company grew.  A series of audio CD’s were professionally recorded and produced to serve as an at-home reinforcement for the Spanish For Preschoolers program.  In 2003, the Spanish Summer Cultural Camp was launched and in 2006 the Spanish For The Elementary Years curriculum was unveiled and the program quickly expanded to include the Buffalo, New York and Rochester, New York areas.

In 2019, Culturekids™was re-branded as The Enrichment Company™ to support our growth strategy and we expanded into the Pittsburgh, PA market. Our current offerings include Spanish Club For Preschoolers, Spanish Club For The Elementary Years and Spanish Club Cultural Camp.

All of The Enrichment Company™ programs are academic based and utilize diverse teaching methods to make learning fun and interactive for the students!  Lesson plans involve games, movement and activities that engage students through audio, visual and tactile means.  No matter what type of learner a student is at their current age, our programs reach all learning styles and gives students a learning advantage through early introduction.


Your child or student will have fun expanding their knowledge with program activities they enjoy in a safe familiar school environment. NO more scurrying to pick-up or wait at an unfamiliar after-school care provider facility for your child. We insure a smooth seamless class experience as we come to your child or students school!

Giving children and edge

Students learn best using fun and age appropriate activities. We have developed our curriculum to foster a learning environment that goes beyond what is available in a traditional preschool and elementary classroom setting. We provide ancillary enrichment experiences to give your child an edge starting at a developmental age. Example: Our Spanish Club© classes introduce students to the Spanish language at an early age capturing the developmental ability within the students to absorb the language rather than translate it.  Our Spanish Club© programs foster an interest and love of the Spanish language and culture. Knowing that Spanish is emerging as the second language in the U.S., early exposure to the language builds confidence within each student. Those having completed the program are armed with a Spanish foundation vocabulary base when they begin the language within their own school.

My son liked everything about Spanish Camp and he would skip with happiness after each day!

-Spanish Cultural Camp Parent

My two children loved everything about Spanish Camp!  The crafts and food samplings were there favorites.

-Spanish Cultural Camp Parent

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