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How to bring The Enrichment Company to your school.

The Enrichment Company™ provides our enrichment programs at over 90 preschool and elementary schools. Please take a look at our current locations to search for classes in your area schools. If you do not see our program listed for an upcoming session…. no worries. We work with you, as a Parent Ambassador, to bring our enrichment programs to your school.

Please simply send us a message and we will promptly contact you to learn more about where you would like to see our enrichment programs become available. Once we have your information, our Branch Manager in your area will then reach out to school officials and engage them to drive program awareness / benefits and outline our program implementation methodologies. Once school officials provide a “green light,” our Branch Manager establishes upcoming class scheduling, initiates our marketing campaign and registration opens in your area. It’s that simple. Our enrichment programs are a Win – Win – Win for children… for parent(s)… and for the school in your area. By all working together we can provide children with outstanding enrichment programs that foster unique learning opportunities in a fun, engaging, safe and familiar environment.

My daughter really enjoyed learning the language through songs. She would come home and sing the songs and teach them to our family. It’s so great to see how much she is enjoying learning!

JCC ParentAmherst, NY


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Experience the difference with The Enrichment Company!

View Our Programs

Experience the difference with The Enrichment Company!

View Our Programs