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What are the benefits of the Spanish Club™ programs?

Studies have shown that introducing a foreign language at an early age increases the student’s ability to absorb rather than translate vocabulary. Younger students are at a stage developmentally where they can learn how to manipulate their tongue to properly articulate certain sounds that don’t exist in the English language. Spanish Club students are in a group setting, among their peers, learning in a multi-sensory, fun and interactive manner. This type of setting fosters an ease of learning.  Spanish Club programming incorporates an audio, visual and tactile approach. This type of environment sets the students up for success no matter what type of learner the student currently is.

What is your class cancellation policy?

Classes are non-refundable once student(s) register unless a class is canceled by The Enrichment Company®. Enrollment in our classes fill up quickly and frequently experience wait lists. We strive to maintain our quality children’s enrichment programming by limiting class sizes. The Enrichment Company® reserves the right to change the learning platform in the event class facility access is restricted. No refunds will be issued and class(es) may be completed in an alternate learning platform.

How can I get the program into my child’s school?

It does not cost a school anything to host our programs and schools are happy to hear that there is no additional administrative work for the school.  The Enrichment Company™ handles everything! Contact us to let us know where you would like to have our programming offered and we can reach out directly to the site.  It is always helpful for parents to contact the school administration to let them know that this is a program you would like to see offered as an enrichment at your child’s school.

Can my child enroll in Spanish For The Elementary Years class mid-year?

Yes! At most schools the Spanish For The Elementary Years program runs 3 times a year (fall, winter and spring).  Each 6-week session introduces new material and vocabulary.  We work with a 5-year cycle of lesson plans.  (Important foundation vocabulary may reappear throughout the 5-year cycle as reinforcement, but never in an identical 6-week format).  New and returning students can join any 6-week session and continue to build their Spanish foundation vocabulary base with new vocabulary!

Can my child enroll in a Spanish For Preschoolers class mid-year?

Our Spanish For Preschoolers curriculum is designed as level 1, level 2 and level 3.  Material in this program builds from previous levels.  Most students start in level 1; however, if a student enrolls in a level without participating in a previous level, the student will quickly be brought up to speed.

My child receives speech therapy. Will learning another language create confusion?

Every speech therapist we have spoken with says the more tongue manipulation a child can get the better!  We encourage you to consult with your child’s speech therapist.

What happens if the school or district cancels school and/or after school activities, will class still be held?

We follow the school’s calendar.  If the school or district closes (i.e. snow day), then our class is canceled.  We always make every effort to make up canceled classes by extending the program or adding more teaching time to a future class.

Classes are not offered at my child’s school. Can he/she attend at another location?

Most of the schools will allow a student who does not attend the school to enroll in our enrichment classes; however, in some cases the decision is made by the school. Please contact us for further clarification.

How will my elementary student learn in a multi age environment?

The Spanish For Elementary Years classes are designed for a multi-age class setting.  Lesson plans incorporate games and interactive activities so classes are suitable for all elementary ages.  We play the games from the lesson plans together and often learn the vocabulary without even realizing it because we are having so much fun!  Often the older students will serve as a role model for the younger students and the younger students enjoy the attention they get from the older students helping and encouraging them.  It makes for a wonderful learning environment!

What if my child attends an after-school program at their school?

Student safety is a top priority at The Enrichment Company™!  If your child attends an after school program in the building, your child will be escorted to the program after Spanish class.

Can a parent/grandparent/guardian/sibling attend a class?

Only registered students are allowed to attend the classes.  Some classes (especially the Spanish For Preschoolers classes) will ask for parent volunteers.  Parents, grandparents or caretakers are invited to act as parent volunteers. In some cases a sibling may attend with the parent volunteer if alternative care is not available and a volunteer is needed for a class.

How can I reinforce the material at home with my child?

Each week a handout is distributed with the material that was covered in class to include the vocabulary that was introduced and pronunciation assistance to go with it.  Parents are encouraged “play” with the vocabulary at home with their child. Students love teaching their family members the vocabulary they learn in class! We also have Spanish Club reinforcement products available for purchase.


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Experience the difference with The Enrichment Company!

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