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Spanish Club™

Elementary Years

Spanish Club– For Elementary Years© is an educationally oriented, fun and interactive program designed specifically for the K – 6th grade elementary student. The six-week curriculum features foundation vocabulary base introduced through games, singing and hands-on activities. Classes are never a repeat as the program uses a 5-year rotation of lesson plans. Vocabulary repetition is vital to the learning process. Words are introduced weekly by our certified instructors in a multi-sensory approach with games and song to instill the vocabulary into memory. Students build familiarity and confidence with the vocabulary. Each week students are given a take-home sheet to continue reinforcing the vocabulary and share with their family. Similar to learning English, students develop a base vocabulary and then begin compounding words to eventually form simple sentences. New and returning students may join any 6-week session! New vocabulary and activities are introduced with each session allowing returning students to continue expanding their vocabulary base and new students to begin building their vocabulary base.


What To Expect

6 weekly classes that run 40 minutes each in a classroom group setting.

Thank you!  This has been an excellent experience for my child.  She learned a great deal!”

– Maple East Elementary Parent

Williamsville, NY

Keep up the great work!  My son is benefiting so much from your program.

-Ellicott Elementary School Parent

Orchard Park, NY

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